Canvas Prints

I have recently approved a supplier of canvas prints to add to the range of framed images that I offer for sale. These can be ordered with no wrap, gallery wrap or mirror wrap depending on the image chosen and individual customer preferences.

The high resolution image is first printed using dye sublimation on a specialist 500gsm textile that has to hold the print and colour for years. My supplier uses a technique that impregnates the ink deep in to the fabric with terrific durability and reproduction quality. Once printed the canvas is stretched by hand onto industry grade stretcher bars. The timber used for the frame is laminated pine giving excellent strength and anti-warping properties and comes from a 'renewable sustainable' farm source.

The end result has the natural feel of canvas and gives no sheen or glare. The inks penetrate deep into the canvas fibres making them very resistant to scuffs or scratches. Please complete the enquiry form in the "Contact me" section of the website to request more details and pricing.